This project has received funding from the Clean Sky 2 Joint. Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 785446.

Grant Agreement nº 641542

Title: Effect of tolerance variation in high power density gears. Website

Grant Agreement nº 716935

Title: Collaborative Robotic Solutions for Advanced Inspection of Complex Composite parts. Website

Grant Agreement nº 687148

Title: Innovative Sealing and Sensing technologies for Extended life of LUBricated elements. Website

WINNER - Grant Agreement nº 717192

Title: Smart Wing panels for Natural laminar flow with functional Erosion Resistant Coatings.

Grant Agreement nº 755620

Title: High performance laser micro drilling machine for large Hybrid Laminar Flow Control suction panels.

Grant Agreement nº 754807

Title: Surface integrity conscious high-performance hybrid machining for safety-critical superalloy aeroengine.

Grant Agreement nº 831857

Title: Advanced Simulation Solutions Applied to Quality Control of Laser Deposited Metals.

Grant Agreement nº 831998

Title: Real Time Sensors for Electro-Actuator Fluid Contamination Monitoring.

IK4-TEKNIKER and GMTK are working together in BBT Project

IK4-TEKNIKER´s offer for the aerospace sector encompasses the following areas:

Advanced Manufacturing

  • The development and optimisation of manufacturing processes such as ecological machining and with new lubricants; machining materials of difficult machinability; increasing the useful life of tools; direct and selective heat treatment via laser; monitoring production online; joining dissimilar materials (metal-compound); and high-performance micro drilling.
  • The development of additive manufacturing technologies for large dimension components in steels and titanium, the hybridisation of machines, production of heads, and design and development of special machines.
  • The development of intelligent manufacturing systems: intelligence which is integrated into both the machine and the process via the monitoring (embedded measurement systems) and analysis of data (predictive and prescriptive analysis).
  • Flexible production lines such as the design and development of flexible and reconfigurable equipment, tooling and robots; the development of multi-tasking machines; and person-machine-robot collaborative environments: robots which are integrated in the processes.
  • Automation and industrial robotics, computer vision, mobile platforms, robot-person collaboration, intelligent self-adapting tools, automated inspection of compound parts.
  • The management of industrial production (productive models, lean manufacturing, the use of ICTs in the plant).

Predictive Maintenance

  • The development of monitoring and management systems for the health status of equipment and components (Health monitoring).
  • The development of portable machines for maintenance tasks such as inspection and repair.
  • The development of online sensors for monitoring the oil status in lubricated systems.
  • The development of intelligent maintenance systems, SAM (Smart Asset Management) platform for asset management, “Fingerprint” technology, intelligent devices for data capturing, processing and connectivity between machines; condition monitoring and prediction based on self-learning models.
  • The integration of Industry 4.0 technologies (digitalisation, artificial intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.) in order to improve intelligent maintenance and production.

Systems and Equipment

  • The development, design and manufacturing of complex mechatronic systems.
  • The design and production of test benches for electromechanical, electrohydraulic actuators, transmissions, etc.
  • Fluid mechanics, characterisation of MVR and shock absorber.
  • SECU design and developments and control electronics for electro mechanical actuators (EMA).

Coatings and New Materials

  • The development of multifunctional properties such as hydrophobic, anti-wear, anti-reflective, conductive or anti-scratch coatings, among others.
  • The development of new materials.
  • Surface treatments with a multi-technology approach (PVD, Laser, PEO, Sol Gel, NIL) on compound and metal components.
  • Applied tribology: analysis and improvement of tribological properties of materials in operating conditions (fatigue, wear, friction, corrosion, etc.); design and development of representative tribological systems, and tribology in extreme conditions (vacuum and cryogenics).

Inspection and Measurement Solutions

  • The design of advanced solutions that can be integrated in the process: photogrammetry, inverse multilateration, patterns.
  • The development of customised equipment for improved and automated inspection.
  • Verification, calibration and certification of parts, components, measuring systems and patterns.
  • Large scale metrology.
  • Diagnosis of reasons for malfunction of components.
  • Verification of the behaviour of mechanical components in use.

GMTK, integration of machining processes and strategies

GMTK counts on the technological capabilities of IKa Tekniker Research Center and the history and expertice of leading machine tools Group Maher Holding-Geminis, to develop the best machining solutions for their customers.

Adavanced solutions to improve competitiveness

GMTK´s Applications Engineering Department is determined to work on solutions that generally exceed their customer expectations both in complex and also in apparently less complex applications. GMTK machines offer higher and longer term accuracy and big improvements of productivity with outstanding reliability.

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